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07 November 2008 @ 09:05 pm
It's kind of sad that my first post on this podcast LJ is to say that scribbledd will be on hiatus until further notice. This is partly due to all of us scribbers being busy, not having time to record and certain circumstances that we have been faced with in reality.

We'll try and continue this podcast in `o9. For now, that's all I can say.

Thanks to all of you who have listened to our pilot episode ;)

In advance, I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. Keep your loved ones close.


14 September 2008 @ 11:43 am
Okay, so my midterms start this Monday, and I didn't want to leave things hanging this way (because, let's face it, we promised a podcast, recorded one, and are totally unable to give you guys one.)

So, HERE YOU GO! Download here!

Alternative link if the hyperlink doesn't work: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2MS57ONE

Just paste that in your browser window, and hit download. You can probably import that into iTunes and listen on your iPod/mp3 player whenever you want, too. Make sure that you go to the Get Info section on iTunes and deselect the shuffling option, so it doesn't come on during shuffle.

We've been having issues getting it on iTunes, but we'll sort it out, I promise. Enjoy! :)

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02 September 2008 @ 05:56 pm
Oh hai.

This is to inform everyone that asininelucifer is being a good little student and will not be able to record till the end of September due to midterms. (Also, we'll put the first episode up for your listening pleasure once we get our domain, which is in the works! Bloody hosting websites that allow that much space for that much cash) Thus, stringless_kite and I will be hosting episode 2 without her. Butttt we have a guest host. Recording is set for this Saturday. So it's okay, there won't be endless monologues from us two twats. God knows we need a buffer :D:D:D:D:D:D

More to come soonnnn! But now my ceiling is leaking and I need to put a bucket out before all my papers get wet. You know how we are about paper... -wiggles eyebrows-

P.S. We're rather unorganised right now, mostly because all of us are in school and literally scribbling our hands off, but once October comes everything will fall together! FALL! As in October = FALL TIME!

I fail.

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25 August 2008 @ 09:53 pm
Yes, this is Shruti The Great aka Ree The Destroyer aka Call Me Whatever You Want But I'm Still Awesome.

There is a general misconception that I have edited the pilot episode of Scribble! There is also a misconception that I have BEGUN editing. This is false. Why am I such a lazy ass,  you ask? Well...

1) My terminal examinations just got over today. Therefore, I get one day of rest, right?
2) My midterms are around the corner and I AM COMPLETELY UNPREPARED because I am a procrastinating sluuut.
3) I finally got Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer from a friend and I'm busy cackling over how horrible it is.
4) I have the approximate weight of one metric tonne of homework.

..I'll get it done by this weekend! I swear. I'll start tomorrow, okay? I really will. :D
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24 August 2008 @ 11:35 pm
I feel the need to break this in! Well, okay, I just wanted to have something here. It looks weird entry-less. So I'm writing something here just for show. Real stuff will start going up here soon!

Oh, and the first episode has been recorded. The second episode will be done on Saturday with a guest host! We're not sure when we'll start putting the eps up on iTunes, mostly because we're very busy, but continue checking back and we'll be sure to tell you guys. I'll post a little something about it on my LJ too. :)

Peace out, yo.

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